Featured in Watercolor Artist magazine

A Touch of Blue was showcased in an article in the February 2015 issue of Watercolor Artist magazine. The article titled "The Best Art of 2014" featured the Best in Show winners from a selection of the top national and international watercolor exhibitions in the United States from that year. Hunter's painting was included as the recipient of the top award in the Missouri Watercolor International Exhibition. The magazine article included a high quality reproduction of the painting of Danielle and an interview of the artist. Iain Stewart,  an award winning artist in international exhibitions and signature member of the NWS was the juror for the MWS exhibition.

The following is the juror's quote Stewart made about Lance's watercolor for the magazine article:

"I first saw A Touch of Blue from 20 or 30 feet away, and as I approached I was drawn in-not just by the strength of the color of the scarf set against a neutral background, but by the very subtle and painterly aspects of the areas of low contrast. Lance displays all the criteria I use in my deliberations as a juror: his decision to complement the blue of the scarf in the skin tones; the way the piece works both as a realist painting and on an abstract level; his choices concerning areas of high contrast and how they direst the viewer through the painting; his obvious technical skills; the intangible qualities that draw one into the piece; and the story it tells. this work presents a strong sense of serenity and the real non-enhanced beauty of the human form. The choice of pose and expression, set off by tremendous areas of color only heightens the sensation." Iain Stewart